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About Us


Distinguished Mortgage Services (DMS) came into existence to better serve investors, servicers and communities who all share the benefits of secure, well maintained and safe residential properties.  Although each of these constituencies has different responsibilities, constraints and guidelines they also have many common goals.
The DMS team has extensive experience at all levels of mortgage servicing, asset management and field services.  From senior mortgage servicing executive to field service officer.  From senior executive of a top 3 field service company to sole proprietor of an property inspection company. From General Counsel of major default services company to consultant for PE firms.
DMS leverages this experience to deliver services that help clients fulfil their obligations and meet their business goals.    

Steve Paton, CEO

Steve has been in the banking and mortgage industry for over 25 years.  He has been responsible for vendor management and the largest servicing client  for a top 3 field service company, ran all areas of mortgage servicing and built a servicing operation from the ground up.
Steve has a complete understanding of what investors, servicers and insurers require from a field service company and has the knowledge and experience to deliver the appropriate services to meet their needs.
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